Small Actions x Lots of People=BIG CHANGE

The Good4All Experience invites you and your friends to embrace 4 new positive activities to kick off each of the 4 seasons. As the seasons change, consider new options. The only caveat is these activities foster a healthy mind, body, spirit or planet. We promise to support and amplify your new practices, creating an ever widening circle of people committed to positive change in the world!

How to do the G4A Experience

How does one do it?
It’s pretty simple. You and a friend or group of friends commit to 4 new seasonal positive activities.  These commitments should foster a healthy mind , body , spirit , and/or planet . They can be daily, weekly, or ongoing actions. At the season’s end, assess whether the activity will continue, or will you try something new?

  • Embrace 4 new positive commitments.  (Cumulative small acts are what changes our world!)
  • Create a “rally sign” to remind you of your 4. (It’s amazing how motivating you will find this visual cue to be.  Plus, it gets your creative juices flowing!)
  • Cheer one another on! We suggest weekly check-ins but whatever works for you! (These days, connection with others is so crucial.)
  • Share! (Talk with your family, share on social media.  Help spread positivity and goodwill!)

Good4All Ideas

Scroll through this ever-growing list of Good4All ideas that fall under the categories of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Planet. Or, come up with your own!  These activities should somehow promote goodwill. We encourage you to try Meat Free Monday as it makes a great cornerstone activity, is fun to do as a group, and falls under all 4 Good4All categories.

Sign of the Times

We mean it! Pull out those markers and make a sign or poster! Be as creative or straight forward as you wish. It’s amazing how motivating your Good4All sign is. This visual cue reminds you of your new commitments. Think of it as a rally sign to positively change our world! Share your sign with friends and family or on social media.


Good4All Blog

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Spring into Good4All!

This week Spring will have sprung, so now is the time to ponder your Good4all goals. What exactly is this Good4All Experience? Very simply, it’s an invitation to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health by embracing 4 new positive practices each...

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Friends & Resources

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