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Nov 11, 2020 | Mind, Spirit

The Good4All Experience encourages us to become better versions of ourselves by embracing 4 new or re-newed positive practices every season. Recently we spoke with singer/songwriter, Kellie Rose Demmel about how the pandemic provided an opportunity to pivot.

G4A: You have made your living singing and performing live. How did the pandemic affect you?

Kellie Rose: It hit me like a ton of bricks. Personally, it was horribly devastating, wildly depressing. It was so hard, and it was so hard for so many people. I know I’m not the only person who lost my job, performing live. That’s what I did full time, so I went from my income to nothing. It was hard but the hardest part, to answer your question, wasn’t necessarily losing my job, I felt like I had lost my purpose. I sing songs, I play songs. That’s what I do, and I didn’t do that anymore. For months I wasn’t touching my guitar, I wasn’t singing, I lost my identity. I know that sounds dramatic, but I spent years where that was my full time job. I was sad.

G4A: So, how did you handle this “loss of identity”?

Kellie Rose: Well, there may have been some tears involved (laughter). The more time that went by, the more it was just like ok, at some point you have to suck it up soldier and figure out the next step. That doesn’t mean you go from a low to feeling on top of the world the next day. It just means the next day I get out of bed, I eat a little bit healthier, I pick up my guitar, and I call a friend. Baby steps.

Kind of coincidentally, I had heard from a friend about the Good4All Experience, and it’s emphasis on practicing 4 positive things each season. I had some extra time on my hands, as we all did. So, I picked up my guitar, but this time not to play other people’s songs or to perform.  I just played for myself and to express myself. For me, it’s a form of meditation to sit in my room and play my guitar.  And, it was so, I don’t know, joyful is the word that comes to me.

G4A:  So, even though you weren’t playing for other people, performing, it was joyful?

Kellie Rose: Yes! I mean usually I am running like crazy to pack a zillion things into my day, then get to the next gig. This “pause’ or chance to reflect and re-boot has been a weird gift. And, I’ve re-discovered how much I love songwriting. I adore it! Maybe more than performing. Certainly more than singing other people’s songs night after night. Writing songs makes me feel good and when I’m feeling good, good comes out of me. I think that’s the same for everyone.

G4A: This realization came to you from having the time to reflect and ponder and be still?

Kellie Rose: Stillness and meditation and all of that are things that I did not choose to fit into my lifestyle. I was too busy being busy! (laughter) You know, we all say I don’t have time to go to the gym. You have time to do anything you desire, if you make the time, it’s there. 

G4A: So, now that your focus is songwriting, who inspires you? Who do you admire?

Producer Jake Crocker with KR.

Kellie Rose: My absolute favorites are Dolly Parton and Paul McCartney. They are both geniuses in their own right. And I also really love Ed Sheeran.

G4A: Speaking of Paul McCartney, Good4All is a supporter of Meat Free Monday, the McCartney Family’s campaign. We encourage people to make MFM the cornerstone of their 4 positive practices. Have you given it a try?

Kellie Rose: Yes! I tend to eat plant based anyways, but kicking off the week every Monday focused on that has been fun. I like how you guys (The Good4All Experience) encourage people to practice MFM in a group. Sharing recipes and photos. It’s a great way to connect over something positive.

G4A: What’s ahead for you, Kellie Rose?

Kellie Rose: Well, I’ve been on a writing wave. I’ve been working with my producer, Jake Crocker, and we have some exciting things round the corner. 

G4A: Any advice for someone struggling like you did in these strange times?

Kellie Rose: Yeah, go back to the basics. You know, what really makes you happy? For me, it’s connecting with wonderful, inspiring people, Thai food, writing songs, playing Zelda on my Nintendo 64…these things make me really happy. Being close to my family makes me really happy, and maintaining friendships where we don’t carry each other’s baggage, we just cheer each other on with whatever we are doing. Positivity! It has a ripple effect.

Fun Fact: 20 minutes after this interview, Kellie Rose emailed the following: “I wrote a little Good4All song!  Here ya go 😊”

And, here is the studio version, produced by Jake Crocker.

About Kellie Rose

Kellie Rose, KR, is an American singer/songwriter from Seattle, Washington. Best known for combining soulful song lyrics with immediately memorable pop melodies. Since May 2020, KR has released singles “I’m Fine” with the anticipated new single “Save Me” which hit stores October 15th, 2020. To find out more, please visit https://www.kellierosemusic.com. To Contact: Reimagine Artist Management | hello@reimagineartists.com.