About Us

The Good4all (G4A) Experience was born of the global pandemic. What? How could something so positive come from something so negative?

It all started with a few “Zoom” calls between friends. While discussing the “silver linings” of quarantine and our “new normal”, we realized everything is changing. If everything is changing, we might as well embrace GOOD changes.

Who Are We?

We are normal people. We are like you. We are friends, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, wives, husbands, god-mothers, god-fathers, aunties and uncles. We are volunteers. We have other jobs. We are people deeply affected by our turbulent times. We are people deeply concerned about our health, your health and the planet’s health. We are people who believe big changes result from the cumulative effect of countless small changes. We are people who believe goodwill is an unstoppable force that could transform our world.

Our Story

We decided to try Meat Free Monday together. This one practice has an AMAZING impact on personal and planetary health. (Watch this video!) We thought it would be fun to share recipes, encouragement, and photos of our meatless masterpieces. And, it is!

With MFM as our cornerstone, we each added three more goodwill practices that moved us personally. Our only caveat was the new activities must positively impact spirit, mind, body, and/or planet. Focusing on the positive and encouraging one another has been a gift. And, we want to share that gift!

Our Mission

Our mission is to positively impact personal and planetary health by empowering small circles of people to embrace and share new positive practices. We aim to provide a platform and ongoing resources to support your circles and the positive changes you are making in the world.


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What’s the Good4All Experience?

The Good4All Experience, or G4A, is a simple call to action that invites individuals to embrace 4 goodwill practices, shared within an existing group or friendship circle. We suggest the first cornerstone activity be Meat Free Monday. The remaining three practices are individually selected from The List, an ever- growing collection of suggestions for positive changes.

What are existing groups or Friendship Circles?

Any small group of people that gets together in person or virtually for official or social gatherings. Examples are book clubs, tennis teams, mom’s groups, high school/college friends, bible studies, neighborhood pals, families, co-workers, recreational sports teams, etc.

Why Meat Free Monday?

Embracing a more plant- based diet is good for your health and the planet’s health. There’s an overwhelming body of research showing that meat production has a significant impact on the environment and climate change  Check out this 5 minute film. 

Does everyone in the group commit to the same 4 practices?

No.  We recommend that everyone embrace Meat Free Monday but the other three are up to each individual. Although families with small children may enjoy choosing the same 4 activities.

How long do we do it for?

We suggest re-assessing at the start of each of the 4 seasons. What activities are beneficial and have become part of your life? Are there any you want to replace with something new? Three months is a great trial period.

How do we get started?

Take initiative and be an Initiator!  Click on our initiate page.