G4A Helpful Hints and Tips From “Experiencers”

Oct 19, 2020 | Body, Food, Mind, Planet, Spirit

Now that the Good4all Experience is being embraced by LOTS of people, we are getting helpful feedback we would like to share:

Take some time to ponder the list of “positive pivots”.

#1: Commit to 4 new “positive” pivots every season:

Helpful hint: Ponder the List: Take a few days to ponder “the List”. What is resonating?

Helpful Hint: Post-It Notes: Write down activities that intrigue you onto post-it notes. Then select the 4 that are really speaking to you for this season.

Helpful Hint: Balance “behavior changes” with “tasks”. Some pivots build new regular habits such as Meat Free Monday or daily meditation. Others involve a one-time activity such as reading a book, watching a documentary, or completing a household task. Habits take longer to embrace and are more challenging. Maybe start your first attempt at G4A with one or two “behavior changes” and have the others be “tasks” to check off your list.

#2 Create Your Sign:

Helpful Hint: Post-its again!: Snap a cell phone photo of your post-its. Use it as your screen saver. Maybe this will serve as your visual cue!

Use post-its to write down the 4 “positive pivots” that really speak to you.

Helpful Hint: Make it a Work In Progress: Collect photos from magazines that represent your “positive pivots”. Add them gradually to your sign.

#3 Form a group/Share with at least one other person:

Helpful Hint: Form a small “pod” of 4-6 people. Try randomly selected “pods” from larger groups like book clubs, co-workers, sports teams.

Helpful Hint: Start a text thread and check in once per week.

Helpful Hint: G4A as a couple: Ask your partner, spouse, or best friend to do the Good4All Experience with you. Pick a weekly time/date night to specifically discuss the triumphs and challenges of your positive pivots.  

#4 Invite others, talk about the Good4All Experience

Helpful Hint: Talk about G4A!!!! People are craving positive, upbeat conversation in these turbulent times.

Helpful Hint: Document your G4A Experience: Take cell phone photos of your activities, or jot down notes in a journal. Make the Experience come alive through photos and notes! Share your photos with family and friends or on social media.

Take photos and share your Good4All 4 “positive pivots” like these Autumn hikers!