The Experience of Creating…

Jul 22, 2020 | Mind

One of the suggested Good4All activities is “Unleash your inner artist!” Write a poem, paint a picture, knit something….you get the idea. Be creative. Sometimes it’s scary to create something and it always involves vulnerability. Even the masters question themselves. Ask any gifted painter, songwriter, or poet if they sometimes doubt their talent and you will hear a resounding “yes”. But they still create, because it feeds their souls and expresses who they are. Inspired by these challenging times, our friend, Diana S., penned a poem. For the very first time! The G4A team asked Diana S. about her experience:

G4A: Had you ever written a poem before?
Diana: That would be a no. (lol) I have never written a poem before…unless you count “roses are red…from childhood!”

G4A: What were your feelings about starting? 
Diana:  I felt a little uncomfortable and unsure of myself. I knew poems needn’t rhyme, but I didn’t really know if there was a formula or process.

G4A: What was your process?  (Did you write it in one sitting?  Did you go back and tweak it?)
Diana: I basically wrote the poem in one sitting and tweaked it a bit. I just wrote down what was in my mind and heart at the moment.

G4A: How did it feel when you finished it?
Diana: When I finished the poem, I felt a little emotional and raw.

G4A: What was it like to share it with your friends?
Diana: Sharing it with others was a bit scary and I definitely felt vulnerable. I initially shared it with a group of women I know and trust.

G4A: After you shared the poem with friends, how did they respond?
Diana: They were remarkably supportive and positive- I think they realized how raw it was for me. I also think my feelings were confirmed and understood. They made me feel safe being vulnerable.

G4A: Would you encourage other people to try a creative endeavor they haven’t done before?
Diana: Yes!  It can be a freeing experience and it can open your eyes that you are not alone in your feelings. Ultimately it was a very positive experience!

Diana At Home
Pandemic Inspired Poem
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