The Good4All Experience: It’s a Family Affair!

Aug 24, 2020 | Mind

When Karin M. heard about the Good4All Experience, she knew her kids would be ON BOARD!  Elle, age 8, and Axel, age 11, were full participants in deciding which 4 commitments they would make as a family.  

Mom called a “family meeting” and invited the kids to come up with various suggestions of activities that might be “good for me, good for you, and good for all!”

“Elle was very excited about dance both for the exercise and the joy of it!  We dance around the house a lot, and making it one of our 4 commitments seemed natural”.

In addition, Karin explains that the Good4All Experience provided an opportunity to talk about caring for our spirit, our minds, our bodies, and our planet in a fun, uplifting way.

 “My heart was so happy that they wanted to do it and wanted to give input. When we decided on shorter showers, we discussed how grateful we are for clean, fresh water and how important water is to our planet!”

She notes that “this was very do-able, simple and straightforward—and creating the poster was a fun art project to do together!

The family poster/sign is now displayed in the t.v. room, and serves as a daily reminder of their four Good4All commitments.

A Family Project!
Even Miss Meow-ski Got Involved