The Good4All Experience: What’s Your Story?

Sep 23, 2020 | Mind

“The only source of knowledge is experience” -Albert Einstein

G4A team: What’s the Story?  How did Good4All get going?

Fredda: Well, like everyone else, my friends and I were dealing with the pandemic and feeling isolated in our homes. This was back in the Spring, and we were having weekly “Zoom Happy Hours”, where we connected and commiserated. And drank a bit of wine!  Coincidentally, two of my friend groups were having similar conversations about “silver linings”, the “new normal” and how we might better navigate these turbulent times.  We also discussed how mind/body/spirit and planet health are interconnected.  You can’t ignore one without the others suffering. From these conversations, The Good4All Experience™ was born!

G4A team: What exactly is the Good4All Experience

Fredda: In a nutshell; as the seasons change, you commit to 4 positive practices that foster a healthy mind, body, spirit and/or planet. We have a fantastic, ever growing List on the website. We had a wonderful Advisory Team who all contributed. We encourage people to read through that list and really ponder it for a while. Make notes.  What 4 things speak to your heart? Make a sign or poster listing them, share with friends,  cheer one another on! Easy peasy!  

G4A TeamWhat’s the motivation behind this grassroots movement? 

Fredda: During many conversations, the point kept coming up there is a sense of urgency.  We are facing HUGE challenges: a global pandemic, a climate crisis, racism, civil unrest, poverty/homelessness, a mental health backlash to all this. As HUMANS, now is the time to act.   Our future health and welfare and that of our children and grandchildren literally depends on EVERYONE trying. As we are talking now, there are wildfires raging, hurricanes hitting, violence over injustices. It can seem daunting and overwhelming.  But it needn’t.  We can all do something. The Good4All Experience™ is for people of all ages, races, ethnicities, political leanings, cultures, socio-economic realities.  We call it Good4All, because ALL can participate.

G4A team: It seems so simple, is it?

Fredda:  It IS simple, nothing tricky or hard to it.   The wisest sages, people way wiser than us have taught variations of this statement: “ you change the world when you change yourself.”  Maybe Gandhi had the best one liner: “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change”. It’s always small steps that lead to big change.

G4A team: What are “existing friend groups” and why are they encouraged to try the Good4All Experience?

Fredda: we are referencing “groups” like your high school or college besties, your book club, your sports team, your co-workers, your bandmates, your church group, your family. People who already know one another and have a certain level of trust and comfort.  And people who have each other’s emails and texts! But we are also hearing from people who are doing Good4All with their partner or one friend.  Even two are a “group”.

G4A team: Why is trust in a group important to the Good4All Experience? 

Fredda: Well, you are sharing commitments that have great personal meaning to you. For example, meditation is one of my 4 practices that I committed to for summer and plan on continuing in Fall and forever.  It’s not something that’s easy initially to share with people I don’t know. But, my friends “get” me, they support me and want to talk about it.  In fact, a few are now giving meditation a try themselves. 

G4A team: Why is Meat Free Monday suggested as a cornerstone activity? 

Fredda: Because it’s awesome! Eating a more plant-based diet is plain and simple good for you and good for our planet.  The research is out there. Google it! And Meat Free Monday is a great way to dip your toe in. It’s actually fun to do as a group.   We get great inspiration, ideas and recipes from our friends at Meat Free Mondays ( And, it has such a history in America dating back to the World Wars.(

Most importantly, this one practice, going plant based just one day a week, hits all 4 Good4All categories: mind, body, spirit and planet.  If everyone on earth tried it the results for our planet would be amazing. Staggering actually.

G4A team: Why is MFM “fun to do as a group”?:

Fredda:  Have you noticed we seem to talk about food a lot with friends?  When you are all trying to do this new thing, this new practice, MFM, the texts start flying.  “Check out this salad!” “These veggie enchiladas are killer!” “OMG, here’s a good plant -based burger!” I drive my friends nuts texting them my Meat Free Masterpieces.  Just last night they all got photos of my attempt to make “Beyonce’s Favorite mushroom/walnut tacos” (which were FABULOUS btw thank you Beyonce!) Actually, my friend sent me Marc Borges’ recipe via video and it is delicious!

G4A team: Do you share photos of meat Free failures?

Fredda: YES!  I still get the giggles thinking of the lentil loaf I subjected my husband to.  Even Eleanor, my dog who will eat anything, walked away in disgust! 

This lentil loaf was an epic MFM fail!

G4A team: Why should people follow this blog, “like” the FB page and follow Instagram?

Fredda: We have promised to support and amplify the stories of people embracing the Good4All Experience.™  In the next few weeks and months you will be hearing from lots of interesting people!  What are their 4 practices?  How are they helpful? What’s challenging? What’s inspiring? We hope to add a little light (and levity) to your day!  So, stay tuned!

Fredda Goldfarb is the Founder and a member of the Advisory Team of the Good4All Experience.™  In addition to numerous non-profit boards and community service activities, Fredda founded PeaceTags®,a philanthropic brand and non-profit organization in 2007. She received the Father William Treacy “Model of Hope” award in 2004, The Hutch (Cancer Center) Distinguished Community Service Award in 2005, a Woman of Valor award for veteran advocacy in 2011, and an Advocacy Award from Paralyzed Veterans of America in 2012. She graduated from the University of Washington. She was born and raised in Seattle; adores her 12 God-Children, and still lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Steven, and a spoiled rotten Havanese pup named Eleanor. 

Good4all can be a noun or an adjective!